The Ninjasaur App is finally here!

Available today, the NINJASAUR app offers a full 26 page story that finds our hero, Ninjasaur, a sarcastic ninja skilled dinosaur, battling a new foe, Professor Deadbones! This mad scientist invented a “time machine gun,” a weapon built to destroy Ninjasaur by shooting parts of him into the past! Ninjasaur vs. Professor Deadbones is a great jumping on point for new readers.

The Ninjasaur app features a comic book reader with an innovative view into the creative process called Breakdown . With its innovative view into the creative process Breakdown™ allows the reader to simply vertically swipe two fingers down any page of the story to reveal a behind the scenes look into Horn’s creative process. From pencils, inks, to the finished colored pages, a viewer can continue to read the entire story in any of the three process stages. When the comic is over, the adventures of NINJASAUR continue in a brand new mini-game that picks up right where the story ends!

Mark Waid, the Eisner award winning writer and creator of the ground breaking digital comics portal, THRILLBENT, says this of  Breakdown™:  ”The design behind this app–that horizontal swipes tell a comics story while vertical swipes show the same story in various stages of development–is, flatly, brilliant and left me stunned with its simplicity. I will follow these guys to the ends of the internet, that’s how impressed I am.”

In contrast to typical comic books available on mobile devices, the Ninjasaur app not only offers an intuitive view into the creative process but also offers a game that allows you to take part in the ridiculous dinosaur ninja action. Ninjasaur creator, Jason Horn, wanted to create a unique experience built specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. He teamed up with app developer, Ben Morrison, to build a new type of indie comics app that readers of all ages would enjoy. They worked together for over a year to develop and refine their distinctive comic book/game combo app.

Ninjasaur is now available for an introductory price of .99¢ in the Apple App Store.